Dream of Urinary

MEANING: Dream of urinary signifies that don’t get frustrated if you don’t accomplish all the goals you set for yourself today. Put into practice what you have recently learned. Your love relationship is not going as you would like it to and you have been considering a change for a long time. You may be attracted to someone in your school or work environment. Your health is good, but you must learn to release tension.

SOON: Dream of urinary shows that the intellectual and the artistic are highlighted. On the one hand you would like me to collaborate, but on the other hand you do not see it clearly. You have savings and a good job and have been wanting to take the step for a long time. It’s time to focus on the professional, on the career and on the most immediate goals. Your better half does not exist, but the person with whom you can share your life does.

FUTURE: Dream of urinary signifies that everything false that stagnates you disappears and everything true drives you to new achievements. The environment will be conducive to showing off your intellectual capabilities. Your mood will be more serene and eager to have a good time in general. If you are looking for someone who understands your tastes or ideas, you will feel very relaxed. You will not lack anything, and it is now your turn to show him that he is important to you.

ADVICE: You need to be a little more realistic with your abilities. Make your own decisions, so you will be much happier.

WARNING: Be cautious, which doesn’t mean you have to be afraid. Eliminate from your world all that you know that affects or invalidates you.

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