Dream of Umqombothi

MEANING: Dream of umqombothi signifies that you need to stop sitting around and start moving more quickly. Control your checking account, do the math and see what you can and cannot spend. You are trying to reduce the affect of a negative situation. You do not underestimate yourself or others. Your health has been a little touched lately and you feel almost without strength.

SOON: Dream of umqombothi means that as for love, it is an ideal day to conquer that beloved person. Detachment is a valuable art that you need to keep learning. You are at the right time to define exactly what you want to achieve in your job. The only aspect you have to work on is your economy, think about how you can increase it. You know how to defeat rivals and enemies by exposing their weaknesses.

FUTURE: Dream of umqombothi symbolises that you now have open bridges of communication with family and friends. Writing is therapeutic and drives us where we want to go. You will feel strong, with energy, with mental clarity and your words will be accurate. Sentimentally it will be a quite enriching day, whether you have a partner or not. In addition, you see that a friend gets well in a health problem and that makes you very happy.

ADVICE: For now, focus on home, family and relationship. If someone proposes you to go to a party or social gathering, don’t stop.

WARNING: Don’t give any reason for any question to be settled or understood, especially regarding money. You should not pressure her in any way, since she has her own motives and her way of seeing life.

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I dream of a fire starting and I ran to take it out using the solids left after sieving umqombothi

bubele pat

It’s making sense Thank You so very much