Dream of Trying To Warn Someone

MEANING: Dream of trying to warn someone signifies that you will realize the authentic dimension of a problem that you had already decided. You need to be reenergized and uplifted. The unexpected is now present, and when you least expect it, luck will be on your side. Today it will not be exactly easy to deal with you. Don’t fall into the trap of skepticism about everything around you.

SOON: Dream of trying to warn someone signifies that you start to relax and take it all in a better way. Success is not what it usually seems, the exterior, but your own inner balance. That’s fine as long as you think about others too, not just yourself. Disciplining your mind is as important as disciplining your body and that should now be clear to you. You manage to master that dark side your dual character sometimes pushes you to.

FUTURE: Dream of trying to warn someone shows that at night you will be somewhat tired, but you will go to sleep with a calm mood. You yourself will be surprised by your strength. Success is on your side and many positive things will come. Intuition will lead you to choose what suits you best. These days you’ll exude optimism and people will enjoy your company.

ADVICE: Come out of your shell and show your tender side, even if it seems a weakness to you. Do the right thing, what your brain tells you and don’t let yourself be trampled.

WARNING: Don’t be too naive with a person you just met and don’t really know what it’s about. Avoid pretentious comments or you will get more than one enemy.

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