Dream of Truth

MEANING: Dream of truth signifies that you have difficulty expressing yourself and tend to overreact. Certain power struggles can catch up with you, especially if you are in a competitive work environment. You need to learn to be more free and open. Other persons may be involved. Your economy is not very buoyant, but it allows you certain whims.

SOON: Dream of truth means that you need a disconnection in an increasingly urgent way. You start your day with contagious energy. No wonder you found a special person or new friendships arose in your life. You are usually realistic and don’t mind admitting that there are things you should leave parked. Income increases thanks to your hard work and initiative to try new things.

FUTURE: Dream of truth shows that there will be a fluid communication with the family and an incredible complicity with your partner. You will leave behind any kind of negative thinking. Recent events in your work environment may mean some change in your routine. Defects or problems in your money management come to light. You will recognize that your mission in this life is to bring light and guidance to others.

ADVICE: Work hard and try to make your projects bear your personal stamp. If you want things to change, commit yourself now.

WARNING: Don’t turn your head on matters that are out of your hands, for now. Try not to let this happen again, you have your times.

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