Dream of Trickster

MEANING: Dream of trickster means that don’t let your partner, if the relationship is starting, be the one to set the tone. Your opinions and views are clashing with the majority. This will allow you to remain relaxed, with much more positive and clear ideas. Today you will be more open to what others tell you and with renewed energy in communication. If you are expecting to receive any employment news, it will be very soon.

SOON: Dream of trickster expresses that luck is all around you, but you have to make it happen. In the last few months you have overcome important fears, but that was only the beginning. Exposing feelings does not necessarily mean weakness. You know you have to give a solution to a personal, emotional problem. It’s time to celebrate and give thanks for all you have.

FUTURE: Dream of trickster means that you will start a vacation that will change your perspective on various aspects of your life. You may have a great trip planned or want to enjoy a few days of peace and quiet. A weekend full of dreams and magical experiences awaits you. The understanding around you will be very helpful emotionally and you will feel good. On social networks, a youtube channel or on tv you will see a video that will attract your attention.

ADVICE: Enjoy your home and make it more comfortable. Celebrate with someone who is waiting for that news and who is heartily happy with your success.

WARNING: Don’t get stuck in the past or in the known. Don’t tie yourself to old-fashioned prejudices and propose new initiatives.

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