Dream of Tribalism

MEANING: Dream of tribalism shows that an unforeseen event will force you to modify your plans for today. It’s never too late to get back in touch with others. You may have to work with someone you don’t like and who, a priori, you don’t like very much. You will feel quite nervous because of an unresolved issue. You are also opening yourself up to criticism.

SOON: Dream of tribalism signifies that you are worth a lot, and only now it seems that you are beginning to realize. Physical health is closely linked to emotional balance. It’s the perfect time to raise an issue that is not yet raised in the family. The important thing is to recover your time and space. You have the weapons to feel safe and calm, but you should not trust.

FUTURE: Dream of tribalism expresses that talking about trivia will help you relax. You will suddenly feel the need to change the place you were thinking of going on this vacation. As for health you tend to excess, but in general you are in a good moment. A friend will ask you a favor for a child, and you will not refuse. You have people around you who can offer you exactly the help you need.

ADVICE: Remember to stop the machine before it stops. You must order economic and financial affairs, carefully managing income.

WARNING: Avoid burdening others with your work problems as everyone has their own. Do not make leisure plans because circumstances will not let you finish them as you wish.

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