Dream of Tiki

MEANING: Dream of tiki expresses that your hidden desires can no longer be contained and must be acknowledged or expressed. Don’t fall into temptation and stay strong. Many changes continue to occur within your home environment. You are in an imbalanced or one-sided relationship. It’s good to set the bar high, but you also need to have flexibility.

SOON: Dream of tiki means that you like to get to the essence of things, what is really important. Naturalness is one of your best weapons when you use it well. One of the most outstanding qualities in you is your joy and faith in the future. Healthy self-esteem requires saying no sometimes. You are frank and very sincere in expressing your opinions, but sprinkle them with a little love.

FUTURE: Dream of tiki symbolises that if you have a partner or someone special in your life, the relationship will be very rewarding. You may have a highly desired appointment or you may arrive at a beautiful place. Life offers you new opportunities and you must take advantage of them. Looking inward will help you be a better person. Everything false that stagnates you disappears and everything true drives you to new achievements.

ADVICE: Getting your accounts and finances in order should be a priority for you from now on. Do it as soon as possible or the relationship between you could get irreversibly worse.

WARNING: Don’t waste these days and give a boost to your projects. You know he always has you in mind, so you better not disappoint him.

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