Dream of Thimble

MEANING: Dream of thimble suggests that it is better that you pay attention to everything they tell you and don’t go too far, as you almost always do. There will be a total transformation of your body and your public image. As much as your intention is good, if you keep this way you will not get what you want. Show your ideas or talents to others and you will attract collaborators. Your current path is leaving you unfulfilled and unsatisfied.

SOON: Thimble in dream shows that you are worthy of the best there is in life, but you are seldom aware of it. You are going through a mental stage in which you are rethinking many important things in your life. You acted correctly, even though you were not interpreted in the best way by others. The important thing is what you decide from here on. Life is a gift, and you began to realize that not so long ago.

FUTURE: Dream of thimble symbolises that you will not feel completely well, but the discomfort will be totally temporary. You will feel much better when you have that activity again. An event will make you change your point of view. There are profits of some kind on display. You will be willing to do what they ask you to do and you will feel good about it.

Dream of thimble contains special messages

ADVICE: Accept with a smile on your lips the challenges or changes that come your way. Let him say what he wants, don’t get angry, don’t pay attention and do what you want too.

WARNING: Don’t follow them blindly, evaluate what they really mean to you. Do not give money, as an investment, to this person either, as they could swindle you.

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