Dream of Thaw

MEANING: Dream of thaw shows that you will be willing to spend your free time and your work in an altruistic way. Someone’s advice will do you good and you will be able to see the solution. His smile and gratitude will fill your soul. Someone very inconsiderate will try to get you out of your head with their unpleasant comments. On the other hand, you get a bonus for the last results.

SOON: Dream of thaw shows that dreams are there to be fulfilled, although it is necessary to pay the required price. You know how to redirect the situation from a very positive side. Your plans are very interesting and unique. Communication flows very easily and with good tone. True self-esteem requires a commitment to your health.

FUTURE: Dream of thaw shows that you will make a decision that will certainly be right although at the last moment you will doubt it. You still have the possibility of promotion in your company, don’t succumb to adversities. You will feel fulfilled, very safe and complete in your world. If you do, you will put an end to those things that are weighing you down. Someone with more power than you move and favors you.

ADVICE: Cleanse your home both materially and spiritually. Allow yourself to feel everything life asks of you.

WARNING: Don’t be afraid of your abilities, you have them and you can develop them with total peace of mind. Ignore those who judge you without hardly knowing you.

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