Dream of Synonym

MEANING: Dream of synonym shows that you should be a little cautious on this occasion. Make your mind and soul flexible and go with the flow, do not oppose anything for the moment. You must realize what you really want in this regard, and acknowledge it with honesty. You can’t meet everyone’s demands and even less so if they ask you for several favors at once. You can’t pretend to have everything under control in a world where almost everything is unpredictable.

SOON: Dream of synonym suggests that you are a new person who has overlooked some of your limitations through much effort. Yours is to go straight, straight and without intrigue of any kind. It’s time to work, to carve out the future, to start shaping your dreams. You must realize that you are a great support for your friends. All the people around you have their own particular point of view.

FUTURE: Dream of synonym indicates that the work will fill you with satisfaction, even if you don’t see it at the moment. In the evening a friend you love very much will call you and you will feel the desire to go to him. From now on, money will flow more easily to you. A compliment or a few kind words to the loved one could work a miracle. At night you will be somewhat tired, but you will go to sleep with a calm mood.

ADVICE: Flows with the present moment, understanding that everything is possible now, in this moment. Put aside any domestic issues that need strength, at least for a few days.

WARNING: Continue with this philosophy and avoid extra expenses. Don’t look away if you want your image to be unimpaired.

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