Dream of Supplies

MEANING: Dream of supplies expresses that time to start battles you can really win. Protect yourself from the cold or adverse elements or from foods that do not suit you. If you go to the gym, there is a risk of injury. You need to get the attention of some girl/boy. Your work or even the search for it will be somewhat heavy if you are in that situation.

SOON: Dream of supplies suggests that actually, you use it to protect yourself. Everything that has hindered you is definitely removed from your life. There are new realities and responsibilities in your life. Maybe it’s time to go a step further or to acknowledge your fears to the loved one. Something you’ve been waiting for, comes.

FUTURE: Dream of supplies expresses that they will give you, throughout the day, extraordinary news. In any case, that time you will give to others will be very rewarding. A little trip, either by sea, air or land, would not hurt you at this time. Everything will be fine if you know how to drive the ship. Even if at first this is a setback and a certain amount of anger, it will soon pass.

ADVICE: Enjoy to the maximum and leave aside the worries. Contact your family members abroad or separated from you.

WARNING: Think you will need a certain amount for a mandatory payment. Avoid arguments with your partner or co-workers.

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