Dream of Summer

MEANING: Dream of summer signifies that you have yet to come to terms with someones absence. Today you will feel renewed, full of a lot of positive energy on both the physical and mental planes. Taking a long walk and seeing the sea or the mountain will calm your spirit and refresh your ideas. With so much activity it is not strange that you make new friends. You have to adapt and assume reality, because nobody can do it for you.

SOON: Dream of summer signifies that it’s a great time to meet new people and renew old friendships. The best thing is to go for it so you can see your life from a new perspective. This, now, is a great virtue to develop yourself and you must take advantage of it to the maximum. Many times you impose respect and people admire you for it. Sometimes it is necessary to take bigger steps than you are taking now.

FUTURE: Dream of summer indicates that you will do well to be more careful with your finances. You will find a way to do it without excessive expenses. You’ll start off in a somewhat touchy mood, but as the afternoon goes by you’ll feel better. You will leave behind the doubts about your capabilities. There will be a subliminal message in their words that contain something very positive for you.

ADVICE: Push yourself towards your goals and keep moving towards the life you’re betting on. Seize the moment without thinking about the future.

WARNING: Don’t limit yourself to your environment and what surrounds you. Do not be discouraged if you have resumed a habit that is harmful to your health.

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