Dream of Soul

MEANING: Dream of soul expresses that seize the opportunity and seduce left and right. You are spending too much in the last few months and that does not suit you right now. You don’t want to have too much noise around you, although you may not be able to avoid it. There is a personal situation that sometimes escapes you and over which you have no control. As much as you love your partner, if that aspect does not work well, problems will arise in the long run.

SOON: Dream of soul means that everything is possible if you decide to live with clarity, without hypocrisy and in the truth. Sometimes it does not hurt to have certain precautions even when they may seem like an exaggeration. In economic matters you are confident despite some instability. It’s a good day to reorganize on a personal level by catching up on personal matters. If you decide, it is important that you do it advised by a good professional.

FUTURE: Dream of soul shows that the state of your friendly relations will rise to very high levels. An old friend will propose you to do something you have never done before. You will see the positive side of any difficult situation. You will now come out of phobias, panics, fears, unhealthy dependencies and harmful attachments. You will have the unconditional support of someone.

ADVICE: Take advantage of the day to rest and recharge your batteries. You must set your own goals and go for them.

WARNING: There are pending jobs that you must finish. Don’t put off a money or banking issue that is better than solutions sooner rather than later.

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I was in another world. My religious teacher was giving a lesson. He said, “God puts the soul in fire before this world to make it strong/Able to endure”. I walked into my other religious teacher and he congratulated me on my marriage. My husband was there, but I couldn’t see his features. I stormed out in anger not letting the conversation continue as we appear divorced . My brother lifted me into the second story of our house and I may have entered the Real world.