Dream of Someone Pretending To Be Me

MEANING: Dream of someone pretending to be me expresses that it may not be exactly what you imagined, but don’t sink. You are completely oblivious to what is going around you. You need to release the accumulated tension of the last few days. Your eccentricity will draw powerful attention and that will make you feel full. Your notes will guide you on your aspirations and how to put them into practice.

SOON: Dream of someone pretending to be me means that you are faithful to your friends and confident, but sometimes in excess. The more independent you are, the better, but that does not mean you become selfish. Your more earthly side makes you always want to be doing things. The news that comes into your life is good in the area of love. If you have a partner, it’s time to share more.

FUTURE: Dream of someone pretending to be me symbolises that you have the green light now to travel as you will be well looked after any kind of movement. The ambitions you normally have, will evaporate for a few minutes. On the internet you will find some offers that you cannot ignore. You will spend a day with very high spirits, with positive energy. You will be very mentally active and your mind will grasp everything that means innovation.

ADVICE: The best, enjoy something homemade, quiet. Make the proposal in a romantic environment.

WARNING: Respect his time and do not criticize him before anyone. Look for ways to lower that stress which is not beneficial to your health.

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