Dream of Someone Looking Ill

MEANING: Dream of someone looking ill expresses that set an example by maintaining a healthy balance between work, family and fun. Look for something you really deserve and it is your right. Commit to your decision and mock temptations like today’s. You must act with leaden feet and with a cool head, if you do not want to offend anyone. For this it will be necessary that you do not let yourself be carried away by some of your impulses.

SOON: Dream of someone looking ill shows that you are a very ambitious person and that is not bad. Giving in with your partner and in general in life is important, don’t forget. That project you have in your hands is progressing favorably. You keep thinking about an idea or project that means a major change. The only thing you can do is to give in and put on the best possible face.

FUTURE: Dream of someone looking ill symbolises that you will feel restless, but you will make good decisions. You will notice that you are valued and you advance in positions of power. You will consider a greater commitment, a coexistence or any joint experience. A romance or a very intense and sensual attraction may even arise. You will be clear about their relationship with you and why.

ADVICE: Do everything with moderation and discipline and you won’t have any regrets. Before you continue to spend, take stock of what you have left.

WARNING: Do not close yourself to love or you could make a serious mistake. Avoid at all costs negative and pessimistic thoughts.

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