Dream of Someone Died Underwater

MEANING: Dream of someone died underwater signifies that you need to exercise more control over your life. Clarify problems of siblings or close relatives that have depressed you for years. Try to choose from a place where fear cannot enter. Don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t encourage you to get out of the pit. From today onwards new opportunities for promotion will arise in your company.

SOON: Dream of someone died underwater expresses that what began as a simple friendship now develops to other deeper levels. Joining forces with responsible and trustworthy people has paid off. You’re going through a great time on the professional level. Your work situation is stable, but you can’t help but feel concerned. The waters have returned to their course with a friendship with which you had had a displeasure.

FUTURE: Dream of someone died underwater symbolises that with diplomacy you will solve a problem at work, perhaps related to a client. That work you’ve been waiting for for a long time is about to come true. If you are married you will make smart and healthy compromises with your partner. Any activity that does not involve a conflict will be the most appropriate. Your mood will be enviable and you will feel happy and positive all day long.

ADVICE: Be more flexible with the people you love and allow them to be themselves. Take advantage of the good weather to go for a walk or swim in the pool.

WARNING: Try to find a balance, but don’t stop doing what you want. Beware of the arrogance that can bring you some bad face from someone close.

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