Dream of Smallpox

MEANING: Dream of smallpox expresses that you will be happy and will like that everybody knows what you have decided to do. You will feel somewhat jealous after observing some performance in your partner. Take it easy with all the calm of the world a matter that will be disturbing to you. Don’t engage in struggles that have nothing to do with you and get you nowhere. Your defenses will be at their lowest, exposing you to viruses like the flu.

SOON: Dream of smallpox symbolises that you don’t have to worry as much about the health of a family member over whom you have no control. Progress and wealth are intertwined, so every opportunity should be taken to the fullest. Hidden and envious enemies multiply around your space but no one can harm you. Relationships of interest can be an advantage if you conduct them skillfully. The solutions to problems are often in front of you.

FUTURE: Dream of smallpox symbolises that possibly you will be very happy and you can resume a relationship satisfactory to both. There are more than enough reasons for the joy that springs from within you. Your attitude, what others think about you becomes very important. You will be more mentally agile and better prepared for whatever may come your way. You will be successful in an argument that will go beyond what is acceptable.

ADVICE: Be more forgiving and forgive yourself more, for then you will feel more free. If you have time, go to the gym or play sports before going to work.

WARNING: Leave your schedule alone for at least a few days. You must open your heart, without any hindrance or grudge.

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