Dream of Smallpox

MEANING: Dream of smallpox symbolises that your reputation and work will be the key for others to think about giving you what you are worth. If you are meeting someone, let yourself go. You will explain yourself very clearly and your arguments will convince. Something unexpected will happen that will end up being a cause for celebration in your family. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but you always learn.

SOON: Smallpox in dream symbolises that you are convinced that it is urgent to go beyond materialistic consumerism in the world. It’s time for you to give in, cultivate your human relationships and practice empathy. In times of war it is your turn to make peace. Adapting to others is sometimes good and necessary. People who truly appreciate you value you as you are and tolerate your shortcomings.

FUTURE: Dream of smallpox shows that the reaction will be bigger than the cause and then, for sure, will come the regrets and the sorrows. Your empathy for him might help him more than you think. You regain an optimism that will be contagious and benefit everyone around you. You’ll have to bring your powers of persuasion back into play. An unexpected amount of money will arrive.

Dream of smallpox contains special messages

ADVICE: Value all the good things you have and don’t give in to the temptation of complaining all the time. Allow a few days to pass before contacting that person or organization again.

WARNING: Appeals to the person who allegedly raised the alarm. Tone down, deep down, it suits you because you need them more than you want to recognize.

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