Dream of Slugs

MEANING: Dream of slugs indicates that if you were more concerned about your health and less about trifles, you would do better. You are experiencing doubts in your own decisions and actions. You are wasting your time on frivolous pursuits. True love will come very soon as long as you allow it. Make an appointment with someone who can make you feel better and put a stop to your discomfort.

SOON: Dream of slugs suggests that opening your mind to other concepts or opinions is beneficial. After all, it is you who holds the reins of your life. After all, you’ve had a good rest during your vacation. You are already thinking about a project that you had parked and that now is being renewed. You start a learning stage in some aspect of your life.

FUTURE: Dream of slugs expresses that if you are cautious, you can at least maintain an acceptable level of your finances. You finally understand that not by going too fast you will now achieve your goals. Your social life is emphasized and will surely lead you to enjoy something new. Life will take a new turn towards independence. You will talk about unimportant and happy things and you will feel in good company.

ADVICE: Try to see the good in everything, the most positive aspect. Let the day go by as calmly as possible, without stridencies of any kind.

WARNING: Speak to them very tactfully because in the end they may be the ones who are upset with you. Make an excuse and change the scenario as soon as possible.

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