Dream of Skin

MEANING: Dream of skin suggests that follow the good streak when it comes to resting and taking your life with some tranquility. You will see that the possibilities expand and that your charms are reborn and attract more than one. Be careful, your face will show it clearly and your attitude will denote that you do not agree. You may be experiencing difficulties in letting go or parting with something. A relationship is headed down the wrong direction.

SOON: Dream of skin shows that you are a creative and resourceful person and you value highly those around you. A good idea is to go to the movies and watch a movie. It’s not that hard, look for inspiration or ask for advice. You leave behind old family quarrels and feel that communication with your loved ones is improving. Your dreams have a price, but you have to muster the courage to walk towards them.

FUTURE: Dream of skin means that a good friend will give you solutions, but you have to ask him. An invitation for a romantic dinner would be a great success. Even if you sometimes think you are too shy to move forward in a certain way, you can. You will enjoy everything that feeds your spirit, your intellect or your creative capacity. If you have children or grandchildren you will be very popular with them.

ADVICE: Try to think positive and your relationship will be strengthened. Try to bring out the positive side and enjoy your newfound freedom.

WARNING: Do not tell anyone about a conversation you are having with someone who has professional influence. Don’t let fear and insecurity be one more obstacle in your ascent to the summit.

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