Dream of Sideburns

MEANING: Dream of sideburns indicates that think twice before you speak today if you want to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. You must make a call that you have pending. It will be a day in which great ideas will come so that you can prosper economically. You will know how to do it with a lot of skill, which will make others see you as someone very reliable. You will have to face a fear already known, although not yet completely overcome.

SOON: Dream of sideburns shows that you are interested in getting along because you never know when you might need it. You can’t say no because it suits you to relate to different people. Perhaps some sentimental adventures are around the natives who do not have a partner. It’s time to get to work on that new decoration or extension of your house. You have the power to solve by yourself each and every event of your life.

FUTURE: Dream of sideburns suggests that a social gathering, carefree, will give you the opportunity. Circumstances are changing, but you will always go with yourself. You will be quite vitalistic and excited as a child with christmas and leisure plans. You will be asked to take responsibility, you will have to be prepared. You are more capable than you sometimes think.

ADVICE: Give yourself a break, make an excuse if necessary. Correspond to others by putting on your best face, thanking and giving the best of yourself.

WARNING: You must learn to live in uncertainty or you will not be able to enjoy life. When it seems that things are not going well you should not be discouraged.

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