Dream of Sepulcher

MEANING: Dream of sepulcher means that you will be attentive to the comments and movements of the people around you. A friend will help you with this, but you must be prepared and not to put up any obstacles in advance. First of all, ask him his plans and do not give all the information. If you are in it, you start to see results that are reflected in a better image or more optimism. Endless opportunities for growth and evolution will now present themselves.

SOON: Dream of sepulcher signifies that you have the right to shine, as long as you don’t crush anyone. Emotional balance is the most important thing for you. There is mutual trust and perfect communication. You are building, day by day, a healthy body that you are increasingly proud of. At work things are going well, as always, even if your body asks for a little action.

FUTURE: Dream of sepulcher shows that you will enjoy very special moments with your partner that will bring you even closer together. You will be a little more delicate than usual. That step you are about to take will make you breathe easy. You may wake up a little down, but as the day goes on you will feel better. What you’re up to takes time, but it’s going to work.

ADVICE: Don’t think about it and act soon, because the solution will come soon. Make every day unique and special, you can make a difference and you know it.

WARNING: Realize that it is useless to go on as if nothing is happening. Don’t let anyone impede your speech, ask for the floor.

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