Dream of Seizure

MEANING: Dream of seizure signifies that perhaps you feel someone is giving you the runaround. A minor discomfort that you thought was cured could reappear. You are experiencing some issues with guilt. You are in support of some cause or group. It’s time to act on everything related to work or duties.

SOON: Seizure in dream suggests that need to repair an appliance or make a change in the home that is becoming important. The best thing you can do is be open to change and collaborate with the inevitable. You are going through a very positive time personally. Summer suits you and your personal charm makes you a magnet for others. The stability of the affective relationship makes you think of a formal commitment.

FUTURE: Dream of seizure means that your body has been asking for weeks for a deserved rest and it is time for you to attend to it. You are moved by an intense desire to serve, help and collaborate with those in need. A stagnant relationship can move forward now if you are serious about it. The response will be good, but perhaps with less interest and passion than you expect. You receive news from a person of great authority.

Dream of seizure contains special messages

ADVICE: Do it in a much more subtle way, without saying anything and playing with the same cards. Follow your path even if others do not understand you.

WARNING: You must tell someone about a small problem that has been bothering you for months. No matter how cumbersome it is or how little you like it, don’t put it off.

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