Dream of Seizure

MEANING: Dream of seizure suggests that do your best and there will be nothing to resist. Your mood is changing for the positive as your outlook in life. There is good energy nearby that you can take advantage of if you know how to choose the right company. Tell them without any kind of precaution because your sincerity will greatly improve your self-esteem. The call of a family member will fill you with enthusiasm, charisma, energy and power.

SOON: Dream of seizure signifies that if you do not have a steady partner, the time is ideal to choose between two very dear people. Demonstrating feelings is sometimes much more effective than just verbalizing them. It’s a great idea to get that far away trip that makes you so excited. This is where the key to your success may lie, in letting your imagination fly. You have less money than you would like, but for now you don’t need more.

FUTURE: Dream of seizure expresses that you will find practical and very beneficial solutions for everything related to the physical. This is very good for reaching agreements and avoiding unpleasant discussions. A friend will make you see things very clearly if you listen to her advice. A message that you will receive at the right time will open the door to something new. Instead of taking a disappointment you will see the positive side of the matter and forgive.

ADVICE: Go ahead, and realize who really loves you. Create your future by living in the here and now every minute of your life.

WARNING: You don’t have to try so hard for what doesn’t work. If you really feel like it, get to work and ignore the criticism.

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