Dream of Secondary School Mates

MEANING: Dream of secondary school mates suggests that you will have to bring out your most creative side to solve an unforeseen event that will arise at any time. You need to force yourself to confront certain emotions. You will be given some unexpected news and everything will change in an instant and you will not know well what to expect. Recharge your emotional batteries today. Watch what you eat and above all do it slowly and without hurrying, chewing well.

SOON: Secondary school mates in dream symbolises that you put passion into many things and you care very much about transmitting that passion around you. These days you are going to take more risks to show your feelings. You don’t want to change your mind so much about a plan you have made with your partner or friends. You have the right to be yourself, but that implies taking certain risks. Being yourself implies a certain courage and responsibility for your own life.

FUTURE: Dream of secondary school mates symbolises that you know you have everything you need to pass this new test. As far as work is concerned, a conversation with a colleague can give you many clues. Direct communication will give you much more information. Feeling useful will give you the energy and security you need. Nerves will not play a bad trick on you and you will solve the situation very efficiently.

More about Secondary School Mates

Dream of school suggests that your emotions are sometimes very strong and this confuses others. In a weekend break you will live great adventures and very exciting moments. You are willing to give in and please her when you recognize she is right. Little by little it will take shape and you will see it much more clearly. It’s usually nothing, but you’ll be more comfortable if a doctor tells you.

Dream of school mates shows that if you try to be more objective with everything, you will observe the reality. Beautiful things will happen and you will be very happy taking steps forward. Children can give you lots of joy and positive energy. You will have the whole day to meditate quietly about everything that happened yesterday. You will manage to unite positions that, a priori, seemed irreconcilable.

Dream of secondary school mates contains special messages

ADVICE: Learn from your mistakes and get on with your life. At home, you should anticipate christmas shopping if you want to make ends meet.

WARNING: Better not to give it any importance, since there is no real reason to be angry. Stay away from temptations that someone may put you too close to.

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