Dream of Sauerkraut

MEANING: Dream of sauerkraut expresses that you need to be more aware of what is around you. There will be no lack of opportunities to improve on the job or to change it. There are emotional changes on the horizon because you start a certain personal evolution. Don’t waste any more time arguing with your partner about something you won’t agree on. Perhaps, you need to adapt a healthier lifestyle.

SOON: Dream of sauerkraut suggests that you are very proud and do not like at all to acknowledge your limitations or failures. You love to know about everything and always want to learn new things. If you have to decide something relevant, this is the best time. It’s time to choose what you like best and what suits you. It’s time to be more aware of him, give him what he needs.

FUTURE: Dream of sauerkraut suggests that your organism accompanies you and you feel in full form. A change of plans will keep you busy all day. This way you will feel much more liberated and willing to make some improvised plan, very appetizing. You will want to change your appearance or your way of dressing and transform yourself in some way. As soon as you adapt to the environment you will feel better.

ADVICE: Assumes own mistakes with humility and trusts others. Open your mind, let the changes bring you useful things that you can use to improve your life.

WARNING: Eliminate from your world all that you know that affects or invalidates you. Do it, but be very careful that it does not affect your basic needs at all.

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