Dream of Running And Falling

MEANING: Dream of running and falling signifies that you are comfortable with your appearance. Negativity will get you nowhere at work today. If you criticize something in another person, stop and think why you are doing it. It can be very fun and intense because you will let your passion and imagination fly. You will recover your old phone book and call all your schoolmates.

SOON: Dream of running and falling means that the best opportunities are those you create for yourself, as will be the case here. That is very convenient at this time and you should not let anyone spoil it. You can reorganize certain aspects of your environment and start again with more experience. It’s time to fight for what you want to keep. Right now you feel like flying free and you don’t want to commit to anyone.

FUTURE: Dream of running and falling indicates that a mystery will be solved that for you was indecipherable. Your attractiveness will be multiplied and you will attract different people thanks to your charisma. A situation will arise that requires the consensus of several people. If your relationship is recent, you will lose the embarrassment of revealing your feelings. Its resolution is very important, because it will lay the foundation for your future.

ADVICE: Show your good qualities by giving your best. Listen to your intuition over reason and see how everything is solved effectively.

WARNING: Don’t neglect certain personal aspects that deal with values that are important to you. Beware, however, of falling into excess now as it could be very harmful.

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