Dream of Quilt

MEANING: Dream of quilt means that you will show your most outgoing side and have a great time at a birthday, meal or celebration. The quieter you go to that appointment, the better you will. The period of madness and outbursts of passion is over for you. They will give you news that you didn’t expect and that will alter your mood a little. You will feel enormously nostalgic and perhaps, at times, quite sad.

SOON: Dream of quilt suggests that your personal charm and sexuality are exalted. Happiness has to do with everything you are living now. You are full of vitality and hardly need any rest. One of the best parts of your character is the sincerity that you exhibit without shame many times. In your family environment there are those who are demanding your attention and your company.

FUTURE: Dream of quilt indicates that maybe it is not something you had planned and yet it will be very useful and special for you. Health problems are stabilized and you start a stage of regeneration in this sense. Someone can stop you in a very abrupt way. Everything you give now will be rewarded tomorrow. You will receive a call that, at first, will seem very promising.

ADVICE: You need to be strong for all that is to come. Think well about any steps to be taken as there could be many harmed around you.

WARNING: Don’t strive for a friendship that no longer really exists. Use your devastating sincerity and tell him what he doesn’t like.

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