Dream of Powder

MEANING: Dream of powder suggests that be compassionate to yourself and don’t demand so much. Look for something you really deserve and it is your right. You need someone to help pick you up and get you on the right track again. You feel that your identity and sense of self is being compromised or disrespected. If you see that he does not listen or listen to your reasons, let him talk and do what you think is right.

SOON: Dream of powder shows that your health comes first because without it you cannot move on to other matters. You know how to use your talents effectively, and turn your ideas into something practical. It’s much better if you stay another day to talk to that person. You have given your best, but now it is your turn to know how to stop. Believe it or not, it is better to be as honest as possible.

FUTURE: Dream of powder symbolises that this is someone you don’t know yet who will cross paths with you in the most unexpected way. When you are saturated with self-love you will be able to share your inner wealth with others. You will be very psychic, spiritual and transcendent. The economic theme will benefit from your successes and you will have plenty of money. Sports and in general any outdoor activity will suit you wonderfully.

ADVICE: Be honest with yourself and face reality. You can call them and simply tell them what you appreciate.

WARNING: You can go for it, but don’t forget to enjoy what you have. Do not give in to any blackmail, either financial or emotional.

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