Dream of Persistence

MEANING: Dream of persistence expresses that you care a lot about an issue for the good of a community or a group of people. Act quickly and, if you persist, make an appointment for a specialist. The best thing for your economy today is that you digest well everything you have earned during the week. It’s a perfect day for you to go to the movies and most likely someone will propose you. You need to be more self-reliant and exercise your personal power.

SOON: Dream of persistence means that you are a person who sometimes behaves shyly and sometimes outwardly. You have everything in your favor so that any operation goes the way you want it to. You wake up with your foot changing, even though there is no reason for your bad mood. You feel very confident, and it’s no wonder. The important thing is that you act with a cool head and without pressure of any kind.

FUTURE: Dream of persistence means that your social life, your home, your partner and your work will fight for your exclusive attention. You will expose him your complaints and he will listen to you carefully. You and your partner will live wonderful moments thanks to a radical change of attitude. Everything will go smoothly if you manage to communicate well and express yourself calmly. You’re going to have to be more careful about taking charge of your relationships.

ADVICE: To get out of a problem that worries you, you have to do different things. You must make them see that you have your own world and that your intimacy is important.

WARNING: Avoid bad companies that don’t give you anything. Don’t launch into new business at the moment.

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