Dream of Onions

MEANING: Dream of onions expresses that you have second thoughts about some investment. This does not mean that you pay for your anger with other people who have nothing to do with it. Try to improve the relationship with your family, after all you have no other. You are too submissive when it comes to friendship. You receive revealing and advantageous news.

SOON: Dream of onions means that friendships and all types of relationships are now illuminated by the presence of your partner. You are always a good friend to everyone and that is why many seek you out and love you. After all, it is you who holds the reins of your life. Your mission in this story is to listen and advise. There are always solutions, but to find them first you have to unlock.

FUTURE: Dream of onions indicates that an unexpected encounter will leave a pleasant taste in your mouth. You seek to be at peace with yourself and have a clear conscience that you have acted well. A colleague can make things much easier for you. In the evening you will have time to chat with friends, perhaps in the open air. You will draw unexpected consequences and that will open fields where there was nothing before.

ADVICE: Better wait a little bit because later you will be able to achieve it without too many difficulties. Love seeks you out and will give with you no matter how much you hide.

WARNING: Try to be realistic in your approach or you will regret it later. You should not jump to conclusions until you know how true they are.

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