Dream of Old Fling

MEANING: Dream of old fling expresses that your philosophy at this time is to leave ballast behind and feel relief and inner peace. Distracting you and keeping you away from the problems of daily life will do you a lot of good. Perhaps you are feeling self-conscious about specific gender roles. Sometimes you demand too much of other people and it does not benefit you at all. Take advantage of saturday to solve domestic problems.

SOON: Dream of old fling signifies that a somewhat complicated work situation that has had you worried is finally cleared up. There are very good opportunities for progress and gain. You’re still up in a cloud of new experiences that make you quite euphoric. It’s not bad that you believe in that kind of stuff. You have overcome many barriers and now know how to love and be loved.

FUTURE: Dream of old fling shows that whether it works or not will depend on you to a very small extent. Opportunities always present themselves, you just have to know how to discover them. You will be able to do it with a very appropriate, hopeful tone. You are mature and brave enough to face your fears. You’ll see clearly later, although for the moment you feel bad.

ADVICE: Think about it, put aside your whims and you will realize that it is a moral obligation. Don’t waste it and take advantage of your gift to achieve your goals.

WARNING: Keep your eyes open and do not rely on words, but on facts. Reflect before attacking, measure your strength.

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