Dream of Occasion

MEANING: Dream of occasion symbolises that if you have any temptation today, you can indulge yourself in part, always in moderation and with wisdom. Sometimes you are too immobile, reluctant to change, but that does not suit you now. You will live an emotionally intense moment today, but it will not be negative. You need to reconnect with your mother or that you need to be in touch with your maternal instincts. You need to know if your feelings are true.

SOON: Dream of occasion suggests that you make contacts that come in handy to sell a project you have in your hands. These days are very good for defining new professional goals and objectives. Your self-esteem has increased a lot in the last few months, but you must keep working on yourself. Your mind is still far from the most ordinary things and you have managed to get out of the monotony. Fear can have a lot of information available to you.

FUTURE: Dream of occasion symbolises that you will have to choose between two people who appreciate and want you. What you didn’t achieve in previous years will now be possible. Your physical well-being will be intimately linked to your sentimental world. You receive now your reward for your good deeds towards others. You will now pay greater attention to detail and carefully plan each step to be taken.

ADVICE: Be careful when defending yourself, because it is better to play fair, without shortcuts or lies. Focus your goals carefully and try to establish a conversation with the one who is worthwhile.

WARNING: Don’t beg for love, be loved for what is beautiful and unique in you. Be yourself and don’t let anyone live your life.

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