Dream of Nurse

MEANING: Dream of nurse expresses that you will be receive some bad or offensive news. You are being recognized for your good character. Not that you are sad today, but it is certain that it will not be your most inspired or joyous day. It will open your mind to new knowledge or experiences through unexpected contact. You will want to enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer.

SOON: Nurse in dream symbolises that the stability of the affective relationship makes you think of a formal commitment. You admire him a lot, but you don’t know why. You are interested in any occupation that allows you to apply your enormous creative potential. There is someone who looks at you with a magnifying glass, be very clear. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and decisions.

FUTURE: Dream of nurse expresses that direct communication will give you much more information. Your luck, your present and your future will now be linked to the foreigner. Although it is not yet time to live together, you can dream of a common future with your partner. A salt bath or a visit to a spa could do you good. You will assume the leadership of the new project and have the freedom to choose your collaborators.

Dream of nurse contains special messages

ADVICE: Start changing the way you look at relationships. Be aware of how much you love her and give her the best you have to give.

WARNING: If you know what’s good for you, don’t play provocation. Try to connect with who you really are and don’t waste time on what you are not.

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