Dream of Nose

MEANING: Dream of nose suggests that don’t think in negative terms, because you lose things, but you will gain others. You are shielded from the cold or from poverty. Psychic experiences will help you find love. Any activity that makes you look and feel better will be very beneficial to your mind. In your life there are certain things that don’t work out, but you don’t take the step to fix them.

SOON: Dream of nose signifies that an economic problem evaporates, is solved, as if by magic. This is someone who wrote to you last week with a somewhat mysterious message. The natives of the sign are lovers of the quiet life and flee from any kind of shock. You have the right to do what you do, but do it with your head. This makes you smile and start making certain leisure plans that you had postponed.

FUTURE: Dream of nose indicates that material matters will occupy your thoughts. In love, you will no longer be a victim of anyone. Your commitment and patience will make the luck go your way. The expressions, the way of acting and moving will give you away before your love. If you stop to reflect, you will find an explanation for each of the things that happen.

ADVICE: Find a way to smile at life, and life will smile at you. Reflect, ask for advice and dare to go beyond.

WARNING: Explain to him what your reasons are, but do not discover your most intimate secrets either. Do not deviate from your objectives, as you are on the right track.

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