Dream of Needles

MEANING: Dream of needles indicates that you are being rewarded and recognized for your generosity and giving nature. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on an issue or problem. Don’t give more thought to something that is already in the past. If you are waiting for an answer they will most likely say yes, so don’t despair. There is still a decision to be made without rushing.

SOON: Dream of needles signifies that if a relationship has ended, it is advisable to spend a season alone. When you want, you know how to be very insistent and it gives you good results. There are small advances that satisfy you a lot in the personal field. It’s about moving forward, improving in many ways. It’s time to get to work on that new decoration or extension of your house.

FUTURE: Dream of needles suggests that affection is increasing and they will feel very sheltered and loved at all times. At work someone will take you out of your mind and you will have to face. Nature will give you calm and peace of mind. You will feel more mature and able to cope with problems. From now on, almost without proposing it, you will help other people to be happier.

ADVICE: Tell him things with sincerity, but without hurting him. Discover your potential to achieve all the goals you have set for this year.

WARNING: Distrust, and demand the sincerity you have always had with her. If something you have fought for does not materialize, do not suffer.

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