Dream of Mother

MEANING: Dream of mother shows that you need to have fun and today you will get it. You will continue to take care of some domestic matters, although already more relaxed and in a better mood. Indulge yourself by buying that little treat that won’t leave a mark on your pocket. It won’t hurt you to stop being sedentary and move your body. Relax as much as you can afterwards, as you will have fun and happy moments.

SOON: Mother in dream indicates that it’s time to turn the page on a work mishap for which you are not at all responsible. The path to success is sometimes complicated because it involves renunciations. There is someone by your side who shares your tastes, your ideas and your dreams. Your income keeps growing but not to the level you would like. In any case, you already have everything you need to continue your journey and be happy.

FUTURE: Dream of mother indicates that your sense of humor and consistency will help you in your work. A business trip will put you in touch with an influential person. In any case, you will be very surprised with what he has to tell you. If it’s a house in the country, you’ll start thinking about selling it. Your brilliant ideas will make you feel strong and confident.

Dream of mother contains special messages

ADVICE: You should continue to think about how to solve the crisis in your economy. Try to listen to someone who advises you well and who has nothing to do with the matter.

WARNING: You must be honest with a family member you have unwittingly harmed. Stay alert for mental and physical boredom.

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