Dream of Mosquito

MEANING: Dream of mosquito suggests that there is something that you are longing for and missing in your life. Something or someone is preventing you from achieving your goals. You will like to surround yourself with happy, positive and successful people. The home now becomes a haven of peace. Also at work, things will tend to improve.

SOON: Dream of mosquito suggests that you are very big, unique and your creative power is much greater than you think. Someone congratulates you and you share the moment with friends. The best thing is to concentrate on everything you have in your life right now. You are an adult and can take things as they are. What once cost you effort and sacrifice now comes easily.

FUTURE: Dream of mosquito means that you will be very successful, in general, with your words. You will invest effort that will be rewarded. Home and family can be a support point in new professional projects. Everything will be easy and will go smoothly. Control of social networks will be essential for you to lead a full life.

ADVICE: Try to order your mind to go step by step solving them all. You must learn to laugh at yourself and put problems into perspective.

WARNING: Stop indulging yourself at the table and adjust your diet to your needs. Don’t insist on something that really isn’t that important, even if it seems so.

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