Dream of Money

MEANING: Dream of money signifies that a friend might announce something unexpected and ask for your advice. Start taking care of your health more than you are. Take advantage of the holidays to rest and enjoy your intimate circle. You are about to venture on an important life journey needed for your own personal growth. If you sell it to someone, try to be very confident.

SOON: Dream of money symbolises that if you don’t have it, maybe it’s the beginning of something very nice. The destination is not important, what is valuable is what is lived on the way. What you feel physically is what your body is telling you it needs. Things are sometimes simpler than we think. The best has just begun at least in relation to the issue that matters most to you right now.

FUTURE: Dream of money indicates that a family event will take up all afternoon and part of the night. A wonderful surprise is about to happen in your life. Things will be in place sooner than you think. If you avoid reproaches, you will return to normal more quickly. You will be firm in your ideas, but don’t be stubborn.

ADVICE: Try to have the destination in some natural environment. You must listen to your more conservative mood.

WARNING: If you talk on the phone, and more if it is for work purposes, try not to let anyone notice anything. Social life gets active, don’t hesitate to join any invitation.

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