Dream of Millipede

MEANING: Dream of millipede expresses that you are seeking either pleasure or escape. What you seek outside you cannot find outside, but inside. Today you receive an important call, one of those you should take calmly and without any rush. You are learning to combine your professional ambition with your family responsibility. You dislike someone or you are being disliked.

SOON: Dream of millipede expresses that things have more nuances than you are sometimes able to see. It’s in your hands to stop it in time, resolving the situation with love and in a selfless way. You need to feel comfortable and adapt the home to your current tastes. Any tool within your reach can become a weapon of the future. It’s good to be relaxed and keep your confidence in what you are doing.

FUTURE: Dream of millipede suggests that your more rebellious disposition will make you think of many things in this regard. You are fully capable of resolving any conflict or setback in a way that is favorable to you. Home will be your refuge and you will feel very comfortable in it. You will want to show everyone that you are an independent person. Even if you don’t think so, it will be very rewarding for you too.

ADVICE: You have to really appreciate if it is worth the effort you are putting so much effort into. Consider giving your business greater visibility through various communication channels.

WARNING: Focus on yourself and keep your nose out of what is not your business. Don’t think it’s too late for anything, and start looking for opportunities now.

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I dreamed about 3 red millipedes in the house. 2 were long and the other one was small. I was trying to remove them from the house. Big 2 were easily removed. But the small one completely refused to leave in every attempt. Then it became a blue color fish and swum in the air. Coincidentally, after I woke up, there was a red millipede in my bedroom.