Dream of Mental Institution

MEANING: Dream of mental institution shows that you must keep in mind that a little authority will not be negative, on the contrary. You will receive a letter that will leave you surprised. You will be very focused on yourself, you will want to be isolated and keep your feelings to yourself. You can’t just stop exercising. Let yourself be carried away by the seduction that someone will exert over you.

SOON: Dream of mental institution indicates that it’s a good time to propose or reconcile. Now you can make decisions in your life more clearly and effectively. Still, it’s good to take a little more care of your health. Many recover from some illnesses or discomforts they had been suffering. Monotony may be the cause of the problems your relationship is going through.

FUTURE: Dream of mental institution signifies that you will want to enjoy it in privacy and you will discard any plan with people. You will clearly see the solution, but you should not tell him. Everything will be very good and comforting in many ways. You will start a new stage with another way of facing life. This is someone you don’t know yet who will cross paths with you in the most unexpected way.

ADVICE: Take care of your body as the temple of the spirit. Live every moment of your life intensely.

WARNING: Your focus must be clear so that you do not scatter. You must accept things as they are and not believe that assuming reality is so bad.

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