Dream of Mandarins

MEANING: Dream of mandarins signifies that today you will be somewhat confused and doubt your feelings about someone. Control that impulse to argue that has lately taken hold of you. First you will encourage an approach to your partner that will be inaccessible. You’ll have more fun with all that than you can imagine. You have to keep this in mind and be more flexible, things will get better.

SOON: Dream of mandarins means that your ability to bounce back from life’s blows is amazing, and this time will be no exception. The feelings, on the surface, bring you a melancholic taste. You have a trip scheduled for this weekend. You are good at finding niche markets and your project could work now. It’s time to discover the power within you.

FUTURE: Dream of mandarins symbolises that any activity that makes you look and feel better will be very beneficial to your mind. An older person will give you a vote of confidence and you should not throw it away, value it. The day will give you a test that you will have to overcome. These will be accurate, especially in terms of issues. After finishing them, in the evening, there can be a very funny meeting.

ADVICE: Relax and reflect before making expenses and ask yourself if they are necessary. You must take a step further in what you have addressed so far.

WARNING: Don’t let anything happen that you don’t want. Don’t worry if you get a certain feeling of nostalgia, that the past was better.

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