Dream of Machine

MEANING: Dream of machine shows that your scale of values must change to really know what is important and what you value. By accepting what you cannot change in others you have taken a big step forward in your life. Old family quarrels will also be solved. Today someone will tell you something that will reach your soul. Be smart and don’t feel bad about looking out for your own interests.

SOON: Dream of machine indicates that you have already shown him that he can come to you if he needs to. You and your partner are not going through the best time. There is a person from the past who comes back into your life and can bring you a certain melancholy. Calm gradually returns to your spirit, although you could use some kind of help. Good time to execute an idea has been going around in your head for a long time.

FUTURE: Dream of machine indicates that valuing friendship is something you don’t always do, but now you will understand its real importance. In addition, someone will invite you to dinner or a drink. A person who has been important to you may reappear in your life. They return to you those desires to do things, to vary, to think and even to promote your image. You will have to make risky decisions, but the chances of success are high.

ADVICE: Study, excel in everything, it is never too late to realize our dreams. Don’t miss any of the opportunities that are about to appear in your life.

WARNING: Don’t lose sight of opportunities abroad. Understand that you can’t solve other people’s lives.

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