Dream of Lumberjacks

MEANING: Dream of lumberjacks expresses that forgiveness is the best gift you can offer a loved one. Don’t excuse yourself for not complying with the diet you had committed to. Don’t fall into the nets of a skillful businessman and try not to spend money in the next few days. You will feel that your day is not over, but do not martyr yourself. You need to hurry up in making a decision.

SOON: Dream of lumberjacks signifies that someone around you is playing a role to gain your trust. You are aware that the most important thing is to have a job. The time has come to develop your talents and put them to work for your benefit. You are going through a very good stage in your relationship. Now it’s time to deploy your social skills to sell it.

FUTURE: Dream of lumberjacks shows that intellectual capacities or anything related to studies are activated. One of them will give you a surprise that you will possibly like very much. You won’t regret making the effort, as other fun moments await you. You will be in a very good mood and you will infect some people around you with your good vibes. It’s true that your checking account may decrease somewhat, but you will gain in quality of life.

ADVICE: Believes, moreover, that everyone has the right to an equal opinion. Put aside your fear and decide to live with all the consequences.

WARNING: Don’t make him notice it for now, wait carefully to see what step he takes next. You don’t have to be so vigilant about what others are doing.

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