Dream of Loyalty

MEANING: Dream of loyalty expresses that something that has been incubating for a while is ready to be unveiled. You will be inspired to start a project linked to the family tradition. Today you will feel more calm with yourself and your family relationships will be more fluid. A family member or friend will exercise too much influence on your opinions or actions today. You still have much to learn about a certain subject from which you have only seen the surface.

SOON: Dream of loyalty expresses that clarity is essential for your life to flow as you deserve. You never know what a good idea can lead to. The stability of the affective relationship makes you think of a formal commitment. There is no one who can change your mind at this time. Your relationship is more than consolidated and you feel a lot of love for it.

FUTURE: Dream of loyalty signifies that at work you will breathe a fairly quiet atmosphere. Your partner supports you and that is very important to you. A salt bath or a visit to a spa could do you good. You will have time to enjoy with your partner and live moments of passion with her. Someone will tell you a secret in the course of those moments.

ADVICE: Listen and take note of everything you are told. Reflect well on what is best for you at this time of your life.

WARNING: Be clear and precise and don’t let him take the piss out of you. Don’t be stubborn and don’t try to convince someone you can’t convince.

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