Dream of Long Tail

MEANING: Dream of long tail suggests that you could start by walking a little more and stop using the car for everything. Try not to fall into that temptation, it will be very close at hand. This is what you should do, because by being generous to others you are also being generous to yourself. After the night party, you will need to stay home today to rest. Listen, touch, breathe, observe with all your senses.

SOON: Long tail in dream signifies that the important thing is that you feel satisfied at all times. It’s time to publicize the project you’re working on. You must assume that your present is now and that this is what you must live. It’s a good time for you to expand your circle of friends or interests. If you have a project in hand, it is best to be discreet until you have everything ready.

FUTURE: Dream of long tail indicates that someone will recommend a book that, in your current situation, could help you a lot. You will realize his passion and the intensity of his feelings. You will start the week with great strength, vitality and optimism. You will know when the time has come because he will take a personal interest in your own work. Your effort and dedication deserve a reward.

More about Long Tail

Dream of tails indicates that you will feel very comforted by his words and will know the path you should take. You have a lot of energy and you won’t waste it. A good amount of money comes to you now for an inheritance or unexpected gifts. Your self-esteem will be strengthened because relationships enter into a more peaceful time. Your words will be right, so don’t be afraid to say what you want.

Dream of long tail contains special messages

ADVICE: Consult it before and above all see, if it is really a good investment. Enjoy the love of your partner and a time, at least, outdoors.

WARNING: If the problem persists, you should consult an expert. Try to calm down so as not to make irreparable mistakes, due to your unbridled outbursts.

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