Dream of Light

MEANING: Dream of light signifies that decide, before the end of the year, what you really want to do with your life. Work a little more on your inner self by examining what your weaknesses are and how to eliminate them. Some unimportant issue is causing you stress and tension. Some problem will arise with the loved one that will make you rethink certain things. You are being misguided or deceived and need to make better, informed decisions.

SOON: Dream of light indicates that returning is, in a way, a way to reach the objectives. It’s better not to rush into anything than to do it all in a runaway way. Communication and everything related to it is enhanced. At night it is best to rest and not to exceed anything. It’s time to publicize the project you’re working on.

FUTURE: Dream of light expresses that whatever happens to something that concerns you, it will be fine. Later on you will find all the energy needed for that challenge. In the afternoon you will be determined to reach new personal heights. Learning from mistakes will prevent you from making them again. In a business meeting you will notice a person you have not noticed until this moment.

ADVICE: Let him say what he wants, and do your life. You need space and freedom to experience and feel happy.

WARNING: Put aside that voice in your head that tries to keep you from being happy. Forget the problems at work, since at the moment you can’t do anything to solve them.

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