Dream of Leaves Blowing

MEANING: Dream of leaves blowing symbolises that in love you will find sweetness, passion and understanding. It’s okay to worry about your health and appearance, but don’t do anything crazy. Someone will give you some very positive news that you will receive with joy and enthusiasm. You could almost say that you don’t feel well, unless you are doing something. Some significant event is preventing you from achieving your goals.

SOON: Dream of leaves blowing indicates that you feel fulfilled and for the first time you do not need others to be happy. Life is a path of no return and you are doing very well. It’s time to reorganize your free time and bet on a life full of vitality and energy. The time has come to get down to business and act. Now it’s a matter of relaxing and waiting for events to move forward.

FUTURE: Dream of leaves blowing signifies that physically it won’t be your best day, but it will be something very temporary. You will overcome obstacles and help someone because you believe it is right. One of your superiors will tell you what you need to hear at the perfect time. That’s good because it will help you decide something very positive for you. You can do it in the afternoon as they are now longer.

ADVICE: Cultivate the intellect, open yourself to culture and spirituality, collaborate with charities. Consider that if he does nothing, at least he will not put obstacles in your way.

WARNING: Don’t complicate your life by solving other people’s problems. You must concentrate or your superiors will distrust you.

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