Dream of Lakes

MEANING: Dream of lakes shows that the rush is leading you to a stress that stifles your creativity. If you feel a little sad today, go to the movies. A great team is built. Love comes now in different forms. You look for and find mental tools to support your self-confidence.

SOON: Dream of lakes suggests that after all, it is your time and you must manage it as you see fit. A trip can be a great occasion to renew contacts or friends who are elsewhere. The best thing is to be as natural as possible and enjoy everything without further pretensions. Even everyday life can become a fascinating event. For now, it is better that no one finds out.

FUTURE: Dream of lakes suggests that you will take time to think about yourself and what you really want to do. If you have children, you will share in their interests or obligations. You will start the year with the energy you have long lacked. An acquaintance will provide you with all the information you need. If you put your senses to work, you will see that it is not negative.

ADVICE: Study it well before saying yes and before saying no. Ask for spiritual help as indecision reigns in your life now.

WARNING: Try not to be too aggressive, but be firm in asking for answers. Don’t get angry if it’s not as clear as you want.

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