Dream of Jukebox

MEANING: Dream of jukebox indicates that it is time for your to move on from a situation. You need to figure out the direction you want to take in life and then carry out a plan. You should not be as attached as you are to some material objects. Your partner needs your support more than ever as he goes through a difficult personal situation. You find yourself with money you didn’t count on.

SOON: Dream of jukebox indicates that something comes back to you and that makes you renew your dreams and hopes. You are good at handling situations where patience is essential for resolution. The best thing is to talk to your partner sincerely. You are responsible for what you think and what you do. You need once and for all to set a greater commitment to physical exercise.

FUTURE: Dream of jukebox expresses that the work and all the effort that you carry out to overcome you will be valued and recognized. You will be very successful in a social event or in a meeting with different people. If you detach yourself, life will surprise you sooner than you had imagined. Full moon in this sign on this day, which will bring some nervousness. Good communication between those you love will be something essential, of utmost importance to you.

ADVICE: Still, put on a good face and hang in there. Cast off and let others make decisions about your life.

WARNING: Don’t get into family arguments, because you might be disappointed with one of your relatives. Beware of believing what someone who flatters you says.

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