Dream of Jade Buddha

MEANING: Dream of jade buddha shows that you are regressing into your subconscious. That doesn’t mean that you don’t believe in its success and that you don’t keep working on it. Your greatest enemy, at this time, is haste. Personal concerns may affect your job performance. That puts you in a good mood and makes you see everything with more optimism.

SOON: Dream of jade buddha means that your relationships with the opposite sex tend to be especially intense. You are now walking on the spiritual path, on the path of regeneration. Every human being needs dreams and goals to achieve to feel like they can fly. As important as practicing sport is a good warm-up. You are very versatile and jump from one topic to another with ease.

FUTURE: Dream of jade buddha symbolises that your word, your message and your presence will be of vital importance in your family circle. You have everything you need to take the leap that life is asking you to take. The assets of a family member will be used to save a situation or increase your earnings. Maybe you will have a trip for the weekend. In the labor field everything goes smoothly.

ADVICE: Seeks new ways to invest and make the most of it. Be careful with the movements you make in that direction.

WARNING: Find the root of the problem and you will find the solution. During this day do not contradict anyone or you will lose.

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