Dream of Jackpot

MEANING: Dream of jackpot suggests that be patient, but do not give in easily to what is proposed. Go ahead with your plans for the present and future. You value yourself more and will demand more professional respect. This way everything will develop much more easily and will come out well. You will be upset by the way a family member approaches a certain situation.

SOON: Dream of jackpot symbolises that your life is going very well and you have a lot to be happy about. Now, and for their interests, the situation is very favorable to you. Now it’s your turn to enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Societies, the marriage relationship and the awareness you have of others are intensified. If you are single, you are now with your other half in the place you least expect.

FUTURE: Dream of jackpot shows that for different reasons you will feel full of energy and others will see you radiant. A romantic date will be what you need to recover the illusion. The world of dreams and ideals will open up for you. You are going to dedicate your time to a social cause that needs support and hands to carry it out. Someone from abroad will enter your heart and stay for a long time.

ADVICE: Perform daily positive affirmations to strengthen the spirit. Keep learning from what life puts in front of you at every step.

WARNING: And, above all, do not think about what may or may not happen. Be careful and, apart from not overspending, think about who you are addressing.

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